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Tips for Dining Out

Follow these tips to navigate eating out if you have specialized nutrition needs due to gastrointestinal diseases.

Home Enteral Nutrition at Option Care Health

New patients have many questions and concerns when they begin an EN regimen at home. For Home Enteral Nutrition Therapy patients, Option Care Health’s Registered Dietitians can work with you and your prescriber to determine the best formula for your clinical condition and your individual needs.

Adjusting to Home Enteral Nutrition Therapy

Being told you or your loved one needs a feeding tube can be overwhelming. The fear of the unknown can be scary with all the equipment, supplies, and new terminology. Embrace the “new normal” of Home Enteral Nutrition Therapy and see the therapy for the incredible benefit it provides with these tips.

Home Enteral Nutrition Glossary

Adapting to life with tube feeding is easier with the right information. There is much to learn, including complex medical terminology. This glossary of terms is designed to help you understand more about HEN therapy.