Extending the reach of your care

As the largest independent provider of infusion therapy in the nation we have the experience, partnerships and resources to deliver cutting-edge infusion medications, nursing support and seamless transitional care on a national scale.

24/7/365 support for providers and patients

Our experienced clinicians keep providers informed every step of the way. We provide access to specialty infusion nurses and pharmacists by phone any time—day or night. Patients are always able to reach someone who can answer their questions about self-administering medicine, or counsel them through any challenges or experiences with an adverse drug reaction. 

Benefits of Option Care Health’s seamless care and support

From the moment of referral, our team of clinicians and specialists assist with everything from intake through completion or maintenance of infusion therapy. We surround patients every step of the way with continuous support, helping manage every hurdle and leaving no lapses in care.

24/7/365 support

Specialty infusion nurses and pharmacists are always available by phone for providers and patients.

Rapid referral response

Because your time is valuable, we respond within 2 hours to confirm benefits and referral requests[*]Average time from the receipt of all necessary documentation .

Contracted with 800+ health plans[*]Data on file, Option Care Health.

As the #1 leading infusion services company in regard to payer coverage, Option Care Health has access to every major health plan.

Customized care plans

Healthcare providers trust Option Care Health because our customized care plans optimize patient outcomes and result in high patient satisfaction.

Lower costs

Option Care Health offers high-quality home and alternate site infusion care in the lowest-cost setting. Avoiding hospitalization can save $2,000+ a day.[*]Luszcz N, O’Neill M, Siddiqui T. Home nutrition support team interventions demonstrate improved clinical and financial outcomes. Poster presented at: Clinical Nutrition Week 2013; February 9-­12, 2013; Phoenix, AZ

Exclusive & preferred access

Option Care Health’s pharmaceutical partnerships give providers and patients access to a variety of limited distribution treatments.

The numbers tell the story

Our commitment to delivering quality healthcare translates into better outcomes and reduced costs for you and your patients.


rate of incident-free infusion encounters[*]Review of Option Care patient data, July –September 2018, based on 6,570,495 confirmed INF doses


clinician-reported patient adherence rate[*]Review of Option Care patient data, October 2009-February 2011, based on an average 39,978 patients per month


CVC-related bloodstream infections per 1,000 catheter days[*]Based on Option Care Managed Catheter Data from Salesforce, April-June 2017


rate of infusion-related adverse drug reactions[*]Data on file, Option Care Health.