High-quality support beyond enteral and parenteral infusion services  

Comprehensive nutrition support services

At Option Care Health, we treat patients of all ages from a wide range of conditions including cancer, stroke, short bowel syndrome (SBS), Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and pancreatic disorders. We provide ongoing patient evaluations to ensure compliance and enable early identification of potential complications.

Advanced certifications for nutrition infusion therapy care

Our registered dietitians have advanced certification in nutrition support (CNSC). They closely monitor patient progress toward their individual goals and provide early clinical intervention where needed. This exceptional nutrition program promotes early and proactive patient transition off therapy, prevention of hospital readmission and increased cost savings.

Benefits to parenteral and enteral nutrition support with Option Care Health

Early intervention

Recommendations for parenteral and enteral formulas with early advancement help achieve nutrition goals.

Reduced hospitalizations

390 interventions over a three-month period resulted in 957[*]HPN care helps patients avoid, on average, a 3-day hospitalization, which realizes nearly $2,000/day in cost savings. Option Care Health’s expert HPN initiation provides greater convenience and comfort for patients. Patients also experienced fewer nosocomial infections. hospital days saved.

Experts in TPN

Full management through the course of care from certified nutrition infusion therapy specialists helps achieve nutritional goals.

Exclusive and preferred access to nutrition infusion therapy

Our pharmaceutical partners provide access to several limited distribution advanced nutrition support therapies: e.g. Gattex™ and Relizorb™[*]Gattex is registered and owned by Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Relizorb is registered and owned by Alcresta Therapeutics, Inc.

Clinical monitoring and reporting

Progress reports enable prescribers to remain informed on their patient’s status throughout their nutrition support.

24/7/365 access to patient support

Experienced clinicians and nurses are always available by phone to answer questions and provide support for patients, families and providers.