Option Care Health team members work together to provide extraordinary care to their patients and one another through a culture of trust, innovation, caring and inclusion. Hear how the team describes the teamwork atmosphere and inclusive culture.

Option Care Health

Changing lives and careers through home infusion services

Home infusion services is one of the largest, fastest-growing healthcare sectors in the United States. Increased life expectancy and the rise in diagnosis of chronic conditions have led to an increased demand.

Not surprisingly, employment in the healthcare and social assistance industry is also projected to grow by 29% from 2012 to 2022, adding nearly 5 million jobs over the decade. This anticipated growth presents an enormous opportunity for Option Care Health and for committed professionals alike. Our ability to provide service to nearly all home infusion patients nationwide positions us to meet this growing demand and fulfill our mission to make a positive difference in people’s lives by providing exceptional, yet affordable, care.

Option Care Health is leading the way in changing healthcare as well as patient lives. A career at Option Care Health allows you to be an integral part of our mission, empowering patients, as you pursue your own goals.

Here, you’ll join a team of professionals dedicated to making a positive impact in healthcare through innovative, patient-directed home and alternate site care. Whether you’re a nurse, pharmacist, patient services expert, IT professional, or a recent graduate, we have a fulfilling role for you to play in a nurturing environment that recognizes and rewards employee contributions with meaningful benefits and incentives.

"I can't imagine working for a company other than Option Care."

Tian Yi, Infusion Pharmacist

"Really, it's a total team effort"

Matt, Intake Specialist

"The commitment to delivering extraordinary care - it's about what I'm doing to contribute."

Mary, Clinical Director

"I love getting up and walking into a company that I know every day really embraces and has a clear set of values"

Carrie, Billing Center Manager

*Testimonials have been used with expressed written permission. Photos are not of actual patients.