On February 17, 2022, Abbott initiated a proactive, voluntary recall of powdered formulas, manufactured in one of the company’s facilities in Sturgis, Michigan. The recalled products include: Similac®, Alimentum® and EleCare®. To find out if an Abbott formula is included in the voluntary recall, please visit www.similacrecall.com or call 800.986.8540 and follow the instructions provided.  Additional information is available through Abbott’s press release.  

As a result of Abbott’s voluntary recall, Option Care Health Dietitians and Enteral teams are working to ensure that our patients receive replacement formula as soon as possible. Please note that we may need to obtain new written prescriber orders for a suitable alternative to EleCare, Alimentum and some of the Similac formulas. In such cases, we are reaching out to our patient’s prescribers to obtain the necessary orders.

Please be advised that some of the alternative formulas are on a temporary backorder due to shipping delays and increased demand. Also, many of the alternative formulas have different mixing instructions. Our dietitians will work with patients and their prescribers to confirm an appropriate formula and mixing instructions are received.

We ask that our patients take the following actions if they are in possession of any Abbott formula products that are the subject of this voluntary recall:

  • Abbott is handling the return and disposal of any recalled formula. Please go to www.similacrecall.com or call 800.986.8540 and follow the instructions provided.


  • If you have an urgent need for formula and have not received a new shipment, click here and one of our Nutrition team members will contact you within one business day.